CSCL 67th Annual General Meeting – Hamilton May 5 – 7, 2017

The Annual Weekend commenced with table display set-ups on Friday afternoon, Society branches from Hamilton, Mississauga, Norland and Members-at-Large were represented. The meeting room was convivial and the table space was plentiful. With help from members from all the branches the program, and leather pieces for the workshops were stuffed into envelopes and a Welcome Table (of sorts) was established manned by volunteers. The evening workshop was covering steel blocks with leather to be used as pattern weights. The Fellows took to Judging the entries starting at 9:45 PM and continued while the workshop was on.

Saturday’s Business Meeting was completed in time to send groups to visit Tundra Leather on King Street, while the groups were shuttling, lunch was available in the Paparella’s. The afternoon program was a busy one for our 27 attendees with two workshops, a pivoting Card Case and a small Folded Leather Tray. The ticket sales were brisk for the “luna” table (white elephant donations) and the Presidents Table with donations from Life Members, Sustaining Members, Branch Presidents, and Generous Businesses. See list of the Contributors below. The sale of large cutting boards added to the proceeds. While the raffles and projects continued our hard working members were graced by two beautiful North American Kestrels, visiting with their Owner/Handlers, Mark and Sandra. The attendees were able to see the birds at close range and observe them feeding.

The Banquet was an excellent buffet style meal that fed 38 people plus Smokey & the Bandit. The Ribbons for Craftsmanship, Salon and category Prizes were handed out (see the list on the website). When the coffee was pouring, Mark and Sandra shared their experience and leatherwork that comes with Falconry. They then displayed two Harris Hawks, we observed them feeding and preening, the beautiful birds were the highlight of the evening.

On Sunday, the workshops continued with a sewn rotary punch cover w/snap closure. Some members worked on finishing the projects from the other days.

The 67th Annual General Meeting Weekend was a success bringing together our members and  contributing a small profit to the Society.

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CSCL 67th Annual Convention – bring your articles before Friday May 5, 2017

In preparation for the CSCL 67th Annual Convention – should you wish to have any of your leather work judged for the prizes in CSCL Awards Categories, please bring your articles to your guild to make sure your items get on your Guild Table for presentation and judging on Friday May 5th at 5 pm.

Use the CSCL Awards Categories document to figure out which category to submit to and fill-out the judging cards. A project list will be created listing everyone’s work and award category to which they are applying.
For all who are new to CSCL, this is a great opportunity to see and plan for the next year when the Mississauga Guild will be hosting this meeting in 2018.

More information about the event:

CSCL 67th Annual Convention Weekend

Weston Trophy Judging April 23, 2017

Today judges marked items presented by CSCL branches for Weston Trophy competition.
There were also items sent by members for their Associate or Fellow status.

The results will be announced at the annual meeting in 2 weeks.

Canadian Leathercraft – Winter 2016-2017- Quarterly Newsletter by CSCL

The Canadian Society for Creative Leathercraft CANADIAN LEATHERCRAFT

Download the complete version of the newsletter here:

Volume LXV   No. 2
Winter 2016/2017

In this Edition…
Page 2  Notes from the Editor, Highlights of the past Executive Mtgs, Membership Info, CSCL Larmour Library  Page 3 Workshops
Page 4 The Annual is coming – Awards to compete for.
Page 5  Embossed Eagle Head
Page 6  CSCL Library Review,
Page 6  Tips for use of CS) #84 Splitter/Skiver

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