Canadian Leathercraft – Summer 2020 – Quarterly Newsletter by CSCL

The Canadian Society for Creative Leathercraft


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Volume LXVIII No. 4


cscl.bmpSummer – 2020
In this Edition…

Page 2 Notes from the Editor, Highlights of the past Executive Mtgs, Membership Info, CSCL Larmour Library

Page 3 – 9 Hinged Box with Lauch Harrison

Page 9 – Last issue there was a pattern for baby moccasins and here is a pattern for beading the Vamps.

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President: Lauch Harrison
1st Vice-Pres.: Jim Wilkes
Past President: Jim Wilkes
Treasurer: Della Chynoweth
Secretary: Richard Borrow
Membership: Kim Winchester
Editor: Barbara Chynoweth
ECO: Eugene Pik
Privacy Officer: Lauch Harrison
Workshops:Lauch Harrison,
Jim Wilkes, Lester Pinter

Note from the Editor….
Because all our meetings and workshops have been put on hold, the Workshop Committee decided to do the box workshop in our Newsletter.

The Quarterly Newsletter “Canadian Leathercraft” is your source of information about CSCL and its members. Also check out the CSCL website at and CSCL’s Facebook page.

Highlights from the Past Executive Council Meetings….

The Executive have been meeting by Zoom. The Branches have been keeping in touch with their members but not much activity has been happening do to COVID. We still are unable to set a date for the Annual Meeting as everything is still uncertain.

CSCL Larmour Lending Library

The CSCL lending Library of Books and Patterns can be referenced on our web site Head to Gallery and click on CSCL Library of Books and Patterns. Under the Patter option there is 80 pages of patterns that may give you ideas of things to make. Under the Book section there is 13 pages of titles of Books and DVD’s about Leather crafting, design and colour. Remember these patterns and books are there for you to borrow from the library. Select item(s) you would like to borrow and send your list to Paul Kitchener at [email protected].

Branch Presidents will assist in pickup and delivery of the orders from branch members.

Members-at-large may order directly from Paul and arrange shipping or printing options, fees may apply.

Memberships are due by March 31st

Hinged Box with Lauch Harrison
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