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Volume LXVIIII No. 4
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November, December – 2021

Flash Back in Time!
Ancient people standing near torch with fireplace in stone age.
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In this Edition…
Page 2 Notes from the Editor, Highlights of the past Executive Mtgs, Membership Info, CSCL Larmour Library
Page 3 – 4 – SEE – What Can You do with Scraps of Leather
Page 5 – Condolences – Plant Hanger – a great way to use up scraps – also
Page 6 – 7 Five Strand how to
Page 7 – Sharpening Punches
Page 8 – 10 Spanish Don’s Hat
Page 10 – Tool Tip and “Members-At-Large-At-Work”

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President: Lauch Harrison
1st Vice-Pres.: Jim Wilkes
Past President: Jim Wilkes
Treasurer: Della Chynoweth
Secretary: Lauren Malec
Membership: Kim Winchester
Editor: Barbara Chynoweth
ECO: Eugene Pik
Privacy Officer: Lauch Harrison
Workshops: Lauch Harrison, Jim Wilkes,

Note from the Editor….
The Newsletter “Canadian Leathercraft” is your source of information about CSCL and its members. Also check out the CSCL website at and CSCL’s Facebook page.

I am always looking for articles for the Newsletter, do you have a project that you have done that you think everyone would be interested in seeing, we are looking for articles?

This issue I am looking back in time to some of the magazines published in the 1970’s for projects.

Highlights from the Past Executive Council Meetings….

At our September meeting we discussed how the virtual Zoom AGM went. We had some suggestion and the Fellows are going to review how the judging went and what can be improved.

At our October meeting we had a guest, Kristi Cino from Tundra Leather talking about what is happening and what is new in her store in Hamilton. Della Chynoweth sent some sea leather fish skins to the President of each branch and we encourage members from the branches to come up with ideas to use the leather. Visit Sea Leather Wear’s web site for ideas. Contact your President for further details. Lauren Malac has the skins for MAL’s and you can contact her for one.

At our November meeting we discussed the possibility of having Zoom training courses. Stay tuned for more info on that.

CSCL Membership

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CSCL Larmour Lending Library
The CSCL lending Library of Books and Patterns can be referenced on our web site Head to Gallery and click on CSCL Library of Books and Patterns. Under the Patter option there is 80 pages of patterns that may give you ideas of things to make. Under the Book section there is 13 pages of titles of Books and DVD’s about Leather crafting, design and colour. Remember these patterns and books are there for you to borrow from the library. Select item(s) you would like to borrow and send your list to Paul Kitchener at [email protected].
Branch Presidents will assist in pickup and delivery of the orders from branch members.
Members-at-large may order directly from Paul and arrange shipping or printing options, fees may apply.
Memberships are due by March 31st
SEE – What Can You do with Scraps of Leather
From Making It with Leather October-November 1974
C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211123 (2).jpg

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211123 (4).jpg

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211123 (7).jpg

We extend our sympathy to the Chynoweth Family and the Norland Branch on the sudden passing of Phyllis McHale (nee Chynoweth) in September. Phyllis had been a very active member for many years until poor health slowed her down.

Shown in the Make It with Leather June-July 1976

Hanging Plant

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211124 (2).jpg

Tandy had a kit available for this plant hanger but you could use your imagination and come up with your own design. A great way to use up scraps of leather.

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211124 (4).jpg

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211124 (6).jpg

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211208 (4).jpg

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211209 (2).jpg

Jimmy W projects 2021.jpg
Some projects that Jim Wilkes just finished. Way to go.

From the Craftsman Volume XIV Number 4 May-June 1970

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211124 (8).jpg

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211124 (10).jpg

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211124 (12).jpgTool Tip

The stamp tool Veiner 406 gives a floral design with a different look – ripple-edged daisies.  A single petal requires two impressions and a Seeder347 is a nice disc for the daisy flower centre.  Easy to grow!

V406 Craftool® Veiner Stamp
347 Lined Seeder [USED]

What is considered Buffalo Plaid ? See the next issue of CANADIAN LEATHERCRAFT!

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20211208 (2).jpg
WANTED: Free patterns that use a FLEX
FRAME CLOSURE. Possible uses include eye glasses case and coin purse. Please send to: [email protected]