Canadian Leathercraft – Summer 2018 – Quarterly Newsletter by CSCL

The Canadian Society for Creative Leathercraft


Volume LXVI   No. 4
Summer 2018


Download as PDF: Canadian Leathercrafter Summer 2018

In this Edition…

Page 2 Notes from the Editor, Highlights of the past Executive Mtgs, Membership Info, CSCL Larmour Library
Page 3 Pictures of the display boards at the 68th Annual
Page 4 – 6 CSCL Library Review By Members-At-Large
Page 7 – Leathercraft Quiz from Members At Large, A 30-SECOND ELEVATOR SPEECH: “Out-of-town”
Page 8 – 9 Magic Braid Kit by Karen Gunna
Page 10 – How to make a box from the Craftsman Magazine

To contact any of our Executive please refer to the CONTACT section of our Website.


President: Lauch Harrison
1st Vice-Pres.:  Jim Wilkes
Past President: Jim Wilkes
Treasurer: Della Chynoweth
Secretary: Richard Borrow
Membership: Eugene Pik
Editor: Barbara Chynoweth
Website: Eugene Pik
Privacy Officer: Lauch Harrison

Note from the Editor….

The Norland Branch will be hosting the 2019th Annual, stay tune for information on it. The Theme is going to be “Western”.

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