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Volume LXVIIII No. 1
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In this Edition…
Page 2 Notes from the Editor, Highlights of the past Executive Mtgs, Membership Info, CSCL Larmour Library
Page 3 & 4 – Get ready for Christmas – Make a Poinsettia pin
Page 5 – Make a Dove to hang in your Christmas Tree
Page 6 – Here are some patters from the “Make It with Leather” November 1983
Page 7 – Leather Resources
Page 8 –How to make a Key Fob
Page 9 & 10 – Leather & Tin Foil Icicles & Hearts
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President: Lauch Harrison
1st Vice-Pres.: Jim Wilkes
Past President: Jim Wilkes
Treasurer: Della Chynoweth
Secretary: Richard Borrow
Membership: Kim Winchester
Editor: Barbara Chynoweth
ECO ( Electronic Communications Officer): Eugene Pik
Privacy Officer: Lauch Harrison
Workshops: Lauch Harrison, Jim Wilkes, Lester Pinter

Note from the Editor….

The Quarterly Newsletter “Canadian Leathercraft” is your source of information about CSCL and its members. Also check out the CSCL website at and CSCL’s Facebook page. I am always looking for articles for the Newsletter, do you have a project that you have done that you think everyone would be interested in seeing?

Highlights from the Past Executive Council Meetings….

The Executive have been meeting monthly via Zoom. We are so looking forward to the end of COVID-19 when we will be able to start planning workshops and the Annual Convention. We are looking for ideas that you would like to do at workshops and at the convention.

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CSCL Larmour Lending Library

The CSCL lending Library of Books and Patterns can be referenced on our web site Head to Gallery and click on CSCL Library of Books and Patterns. Under the Patter option there is 80 pages of patterns that may give you ideas of things to make. Under the Book section there is 13 pages of titles of Books and DVD’s about Leather crafting, design and colour. Remember these patterns and books are there for you to borrow from the library. Select item(s) you would like to borrow and send your list to Paul Kitchener at [email protected].

Branch Presidents will assist in pickup and delivery of the orders from branch members.

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Getting ready for Christmas

This Poinsettia pattern is shown in The Skiver Newsletter published by Tandy Leather Factory in 2009

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C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20201130 (3).jpg

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20201130 (2).jpg

100 Christmas Presents ideas in 2020 | christmas presents, presents, christmas  clipart


This is the pattern for a leather dove to hang in your Christmas tree, you need to cut out 2 pieces for the body flipping the pattern for the second one, glue the 2 parts together. Dye the pieces and then assemble them. You can adjust the size of the dove depending on the size of your Christmas Tree.

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20201213 (2).jpg

Western Leather Clip Art - Royalty Free - GoGraph

Here are some patters from the “Make It with Leather” November 1983 edition

C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Della\Scan_20201213 (4).jpg

Vintage Merry Christmas Clipart | Merry christmas text, Merry christmas  vintage, Christmas text



For the Love of Craft is an online auction where you can bid on work by amazing artists and support Craft Ontario, located on Queen Street West in Toronto.  There are over 80 beautiful items.  Click AUCTION and then SHOW ME, to choose a medium to view.  It has already started and ends November 26, 2020 at 8 pm.  One CSCL Member-At-Large has donated 11 of his hinged leather boxes – find the handmade leather box set of 3. These leathercraft pieces are custom made by David McPherson, FCSCL, London.

Linda Brown (aka Knotty Linda, Leathercrafter) is from Sidney, BC and specializes in fine braiding of kangaroo leather lace to create unique fashion accessories and dog accoutrements.  In 2014 Linda became the Canadian National Reseller of veg tanned kangaroo leather lace (produced by Packer Leather Tannery, Australia) and ships worldwide.  Kangaroo leather is one of the strongest, lightweight leathers and yet so soft, flexible and abrasion resistant.  Customers can select from numerous widths, lengths and so many beautiful earth tone, fashion and metallic colours.  Knotty Linda is now able to offer customers veg tanned remnants, off cuts from the kangaroo leather lace creation process, perfect for small leathercraft projects!    Her educational videos cover bevelling and braiding with kangaroo leather lace; go to ABOUT and click on MEDIA.  “Once you do roo, you won’t do moo.”

As this URL suggests, fish skins make attractive belts in suede or

glazed textures. In this short article click on to

learn about tanning carp, perch, salmon, and sea bass and more of its

usages and colours. Shipping from Calgary, Alberta, CANADA.

(found) images of shoes customized with carved leather design appliques.

(found) handcrafted leather goods include ‘Croc Straps’

[Page 42, Ideas For Leather Projects No. 1923, Published by Tandy Leather Company, Copyright 1974][CSCL logo, CANADIAN LEATHERCRAFT, Volume IX, No. 3, Summer, 1960}

Leather & Tin Foil Icicles & Hearts

Here is project for the holidays, laminating Confectioners Foil on 2-3 oz Veg Leather and making some ornaments shine. The foil conforms to the shape of the veg as it is molded. The damp or wet leather can be twisted and formed to a fair degree. The foil has limited stretch but can take compression. As the leather dries it will retain the shape and give good resilience to the Icicles.

The Icicles take on a gentle helix and if very light thread is used will spin and dance in the breeze. The aerosol adhesive has a lot of over spray and instead of a spray booth, I have used a cut away box to contain the spray. I move the box as I am spraying, helps but there is still adhesive build up in the surrounding areas.

After both surfaces are coated the foils are place on the leather, there is no attempt to reposition or flatten the foil, you only get one shot. The roller will take out the bubbles and provide a well adhered layer. If more contact is needed the bone folder can be used to push the film on to the leather.

Both sides are covered with foil. The Adhesive is a solvent based spray aerosol that is impervious to water. The leather is cut in strip of a triangular nature, long and thin. I have made Icicles for Miniature trees I just use shorter and narrower strips. Clip the tops of triangle and pierce the leather to allow the thread passage. Then Soak the strips in water till they sink. Remove from the water and pat

dry. Twist the icicle into a helix and set aside to dry. The thread is knotted prior to passing the eye created by the awl. I use thin wire to make the hook then tie the thread on to the hook.

The foil colours are not well represented by the photos, the colours are Bright red, Green and Copper. Heart shaped ornaments can also be made by cutting strips. The little hearts were made with 1/2” strips and the larger heart where made with 1 1/4” strips. Half rounded then split up to the inside of the round, soaked in water then woven, tapped with a smooth faced hammer and set aside to dry. The hearts are threaded the same as the Icicles and tied to a hook.

If you cannot get confectioners foil, you can eat the chocolates saving the foil, use contact cement to laminate the leather and then follow the above directions.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Lauch Harrison FCSCL