Canadian Leathercraft – Spring 2019 – Quarterly Newsletter by CSCL

The Canadian Society for Creative Leathercraft


Volume LXVII No. 3
Spring 2019

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In this Edition… 

Page 2  Notes from the Editor,
Highlights of the past Executive Mtgs, Membership Info, CSCL Larmour
Library  Page 3 – 9  The 69th CSCL Annual

To contact any of our Executive please refer to the CONTACT section of our Website.


President: Lauch Harrison 
1st Vice-Pres.:  Jim Wilkes 
Past President: Jim Wilkes
Treasurer: Della Chynoweth 
Secretary: Richard Borrow
Membership: Kim Winchester
Editor: Barbara Chynoweth 
ECO: (Electronic Communications Officer) Eugene Pik
Privacy Officer: Lauch Harrison 
Workshops: Lauch Harrison, Jim Wilkes

Note from the Editor….
The Annual Convention is coming up and this year the theme is Western and the Norland Branch is looking forward to welcome you to an enjoyable weekend.
This edition I am covering a review of measurements and information on the swivel knife. I hope that you find new information in the articles and pictures.

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Highlights from the Past Executive Council Meetings….
Welcome to the world of Skype, the Executive have been holding most of their monthly meetings via Skype this year which means that we do not have to travel any further than our PC to be able to communicate with each other. Plans have been under way for the 69th Annual Convention which Norland Branch is hosting. The Workshop Committee is always looking for suggestions for workshops on things that you would like to learn. Please send in your suggestions.

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