Canadian Leathercraft – Summer-Fall 2019 – Quarterly Newsletter by CSCL

The Canadian Society for Creative Leathercraft


Volume LXVII No. 4
Volume LXVIII No. 1
Summer-Fall 2019

In this Edition…

Page 2  Notes from the Editor, Highlights of the past Executive Mtgs, Membership Info, CSCL Larmour Library
Page 3 CSCL Library Review Quiz
Page 4 – A Summer Study of Acorns
Page 5 – From The Vault
Page 6 – Baseball Glove Pattern


President: Lauch Harrison 
1st Vice-Pres.:  Jim Wilkes 
Past President: Jim Wilkes
Treasurer: Della Chynoweth 
Secretary: Richard Borrow
Membership: Kim Winchester
Editor: Barbara Chynoweth 
ECO: (Electronic Communications Officer) Eugene Pik
Privacy Officer: Lauch Harrison 
Workshops: Lauch Harrison, Jim Wilkes

Note from the Editor….

The Norland Branch had the pleasure of Lauch Harrison and Lester Pinter to do a workshop in October on sharpening tools and boy did they ever go to town on them. In the afternoon they had some instruction on braiding. Everyone enjoyed the workshop.

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Highlights from the Past Executive Council Meetings….

This has been a quiet year. The Workshop Team are working on setting up some interesting Workshops for 2020. Do to the weather we have had most of our Executive Meetings via Skype. In 2020 it will be our 70th Anniversary and we are looking forward to some interesting happenings at our Annual Meeting.

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